Slovak health insurance

Do you know difference between Public health insurance and Commercial health insurance?

To receive health care in Slovakia, you need to have health insurance. You can choose between public health insurance or commercial health insurance. Do you know which you need?

Commercial health insurance is for a person who:

Public health insurance is obligatory for a person who:

    • a foreigner* employed in Slovakia** with an income equal to or greater than the minimum wage***, or
    • a foreigner who is self-employed**** in the territory of the Slovak Republic,
    • a child with at least one parent who has public health insurance in Slovakia,
    • a foreign student studying at a school in Slovakia under an international agreement,
    • a pupil or student who is a Slovak living abroad but studying at a school in Slovakia,
    • a professional athlete paid to take part in sport for a sports organisation,
    • a child of the applicant born in an EU countryide. 

* Foreigner – anyone who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic in accordance with Section 2(2) of Act No 404/2011 Act on the Residence of Foreigners and amending certain acts.

** Foreigner employed by an employer in the Slovak Republic – an employer having their registered office or a permanent establishment in the territory of the Slovak Republic, or an organisational unit of a foreign business in the territory of the Slovak Republic within the meaning of Section 3(3)(a) of Act No 580/2004 on health insurance and amending At No 95/2002 on insurance and amending certain acts.

***  Minimum wage

**** Self-employed person – a natural person doing business as a sole trader based on a trade licence or other licence, or a natural person engaged in agricultural production who is registered in the register stipulated by applicable. legislation