Health insurance for foreigners and expats

Commercial health insurance for foreigners, students and expats. Insurance complied to all legislative and visa obligations and accepted by Foreign police of Slovak republic for the purpose of granting temporary and permanent residence in Slovakia.

What type of insurance is it?

Commercial health insurance for persons who are not publicly insured in Slovak Republic. The insurance covers costs for treatment in Slovakia and urgent health care in the states of Schengen Area.

What is the subject of the insurance?

  • Compensation and / or direct reimbursement of provably incurred costs for healthcare / urgent healthcare provided to foreigners in the Slovak Republic.
  • Compensation and / or direct reimbursement of provably incurred costs for urgent health care provided to foreigners on territory of the states of the Schengen Area.
  • The scope of healthcare depends on the type of the closed insurance contract defined in terms and conditions of the insurance.

The insurer will cover healthcare costs, if they are urgent and from the medical point of view inevitable, for the following:

  • outpatient examination and treatment, including prescription of drugs and medical aids,
  • hospitalization in a standard room including necessary medical treatment, diagnostic examinations, surgery, medical material, prescribed drugs, health aids and standard hospital meals during hospitalization,
  • transport of the insured to the nearest healthcare facility and / or between healthcare facilities and / or from the healthcare facility to the place of stay in the country in which the claim occurred, if it is required by the health condition of the insured,
  • in the case of repatriation transport of the insured or transport of bodily remains of the insured to the country, the travel document of which the insured owns, or to the country in which the insured has a stay permit.

The limit of the insurance benefit for all insured events occurred during the insured period is € 60,000, for the pregnancy type of insurance € 17,000.

What is not the subject of insurance?

  • Illness, injury or negative change in health condition which had occurred before closing the insurance, unless the insurer had not been informed about these facts before closing the insurance.
  • Costs for healthcare provided to a foreigner during the time of his health insurance in the system of public health insurance.

Are there some limitations in cover?

The following healthcare is excluded from the insurance:

  • healthcare provided on own request of the insured
  • healthcare connected with psychical disorders, psychological examinations and psychotherapy
  • healthcare connected with treatment of female and male infertility and assisted reproduction.
  • organ transplantation, hemophilia treatment and other

The complete list of exclusions from the insurance is in terms and conditions of insurance.

Where am I covered by the insurance?

On the territory of Slovak Republic and the states of the Schengen Area except for the country in which the insured person has a permanent residence or is a participant in public health insurance or is entitled to free healthcare.