Union zdravotná poisťovňa

We are a health insurer with many years of experience in Slovakia. If you take out insurance with us, you can expect many benefits and advantages for your health and satisfaction. We try to offer more than just the basic care required by law so that insured persons have something extra in the form of benefits and advantages that meet their needs for a healthy and happy life. The annual growth in the number of people we insure is evidence of our high professional standards and the many benefits we offer. There are almost half a million of us already. We are the right partner for your health.

High-quality health care closer to you

Health is a top priority for all of us. Therefore, we consider it most important to ensure easy access and the good professional conduct of doctors, outpatient facilities and hospitals. We have a long-standing interest in increasing the quality of health care, making medical treatment more accessible and ensuring waiting times are as short as possible.

Patients dislike long delays and being kept hanging around in waiting rooms. This is why Union is working to ensure its insured persons have access to rapid, high-quality examinations. For several years, Union patients have had the shortest waiting times for examinations like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans. The average waiting time for these scans ranges from 2 to 21 days.

Benefits for insured persons

We care for everyone who is insured with us. We have benefits for small and large, children and pensioners, men and women. Everyone will find what they are looking for at Union.

Union has a large number of attractive benefits for all the insured persons in every age category. The benefits for little ones include the purchase of supplies for new-borns, contributions towards swimming lessons and the loan of a breathing monitor. New-born babies and their mothers also get free assistance from midwives. We give a contribution to the cost of glasses frames for children up to the age of 12.

Caring for teeth is also extremely important. This is why everyone who is insured with Union gets several dental benefits such as contributions for dental treatment and dental hygiene. Healthy teeth are fundamental to health in general and we know that a healthy and radiant smile is also a happy smile.


A good health insurer also emphasises prevention. This is why Union has a sophisticated programme and regularly invites insured persons for preventive check-ups during which they can also receive special examinations at the medical facilities closest to their homes. Prevention deserves special care because regular preventive medical check-ups can provide early warning that can alleviate even the most insidious diseases.

Health is a key factor in the quality of all our lives. For this reason, Union adopts a proactive, professional and responsible approach to providing health care, in which it is not the least important principle that every case must be dealt with on an individual basis and with the maximum accommodation.


In addition to basic health care, we provide our insured persons with above-standard benefits such as contributions for examinations and supplements. We also pay for examinations by non-contracted doctors. We call patients in for preventative check-ups and reward policyholders who go to regular preventative check-ups.

We also cooperate with medical facilities throughout Slovakia to provide our insured persons with above-standard services such as extra hours and days reserved for Union’s insured persons, or priority appointments for MRI, CT and mammography.

Extra discounts

In addition to the above-standard benefits for our insured persons, we also offer various discounts from our partners. Insured persons can thus get up to 30% off travel insurance, 20% off cancer insurance, 20% off the supplementary insurance product Moje zdravie, 15% off year-round travel insurance, 5% off mandatory third-party insurance and property insurance and discounts of up to 20% on wellness, accommodation, sports activities, fitness and spas.

Online branch

Insured persons can use our Online Branch to find a contracted doctor or a dentist, to get an overview of their health care costs, to see when and with which doctor they had an examination, what the doctor reported to the health insurer and how much they were paid for the examination. Insured persons can also use Union’s Online Branch to update their personal data, request an insurance card and, of course, apply for benefits without having to send a written application. Every insured person has access to the Online Branch as soon as their insurance card is issued. The credentials for access are the identification number on the insurance card and a code sent by post to the insured person’s contact address. Registering for the Online Branch is simple and takes just a moment. Every insured person has access to the full functionality of Union’s Online Branch as soon as they have registered.

The right choice

Make the right decision when choosing your health insurance and make sure that you and your family get the best and highest quality care in even the most difficult life situations. We are a partner who cares about the health and satisfaction of the people we insure. Union, your guardian angel